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O-League playoff: Solomon Warriors v Koloale Live text

Here are the team line-ups:
Solomon Warriors: 21. Paul Huia (GK); 3. Hadisi Aengari; 4. George Kwanae; 7. Brian Feni; 22. Bata Furai; 12. Willie Daudau; 15. Molis Gagame Jnr.; 11. Kidstone Billy; 5. Dennis Ifunaoa; 27. Alick Maemae; 29. Carrol Kakate Substitutes: 1. Alfred Lofana (GK); 2. Welshman Houkaraua; 8. Peter Taloga; 17. Coleman Wasi; 10. Toata Molea Tigi; 20. Casper Aengari; 18. Jamie Molea;
Coach: Mark Prove
Koloale: 20. Shadrack Ramoni (GK); 30. Leonard Olea; 7. Jeffery Bule; 25. Francis Lafai; 5. Samson Takayama; 15. Mostyn Beui; 11. Ian Paia; 9. Benjamin Totori; 27. Joses Nawo; 18. George Suri; 16. Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. Substitutes: 21. Eddie Ramo (GK); 14. Augustine Samani; 13. Lency Saeni; 23. Steve Anisi; 3. Freddie Kini; 19. Abraham Eke Jnr.; 12. Gideon Omokirio
Coach: Peter Eke
0m0s The game kicks off
3m30s Dennis Ifunaoa steals a through pass from Kidstone Billy from the foot of Joses Nawo pumps the ball in but it goes just wide.
6m11s It is Koloale who are being pushed back but they break through and Benjamin Totori finds himself in the 18-yard box but he fails to put the ball past Paul Huia.
8m0s GOAL: Solomon Warriors 1 – Koloale 0 – Billy uses his experience to drive past 3 Kolale defenders before sending the ball to the far post beating Shadrack Ramoni with ease. The Solomon Warriors fans explode into cheers as the ball went in.
10m18s Koloale are coming back into the game with force and they are pressuring the Solomon Warriors goalmouth.
11m15s Nawo crosses a long ball to Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. who heads for goal but the ball goes wide.
12m0s GOAL: Solomon Warriors 2 – Koloale 0 – Ifunaoa breaks on the counterattack and he beats Samson Takayama’s tackle and goes for goal somehow putting the ball past Ramoni who did his best but could not read where the striker was going to shoot to.
14m03s SUBSTITUTION: Leonard Olea is replaced by Freddie Kini for Koloale.
14m33s A corner kick gives the opportunity for George Suri to head in but he misses by a few feet.
18m30s About 5000 people are already through the gates at Lawson Tama but more and more are arriving. Koloale are trying to slow the game down, Solomon Warriors remain on the hunt.
20m23s CAUTION: Dennis Ifunaoa of Solomon Warriors is yellow carded for jersey pulling against Nawo.
22m07s Koloale win a corner kick and Totori bends in the cross but Aengari (Hadisi) rises to clear it away. Another corner kick follows, this time Fa’arodo Jnr. takes the kick. Paia goes for the header but it goes wide.
24m11s Game is stopped as the Solomon Warriors goalkeeper receives medical attention after a clash with Paia who was chasing a long cross. Both teams use the opportunity to get some water from their respective benches.
25m28s CAUTION: George Suri of Koloale is yellow carded for a late tackle.
28m20s Play if levelling out and both sides are sharing possession quite equally. Solomon Warriors are leading 2 – 0 but they need to work hard to keep Koloale from scoring.
30m05s Fa’arodo Jnr. sets Jeffery Bule with a lovely run up front but the flanker takes the ball too far and it goes out for a goalkick. The goal kick goes directly to Ifunaoa who races to the goal line for a cross but Suri clears the ball away. Ifunaoa is involved heavily in the Solomon Warriors attack but he has already picked up one yellow and his team may need to replace him early.
32m29s SUBSTITUTION: Jeffery Bule is replaced by Lency Saeni for Koloale.
33m0s Solomon Warriors are awarded a free kick just outside the penalty box of Koloale. Billy takes the kick placing it low but it goes wide and out for a goal kick.
34m59s Ifunaoa wins the ball away from Nawo on the sideline and collects the return pass from Molis Gagame Jnr. before crossing for Billy in the box. Billy decides to pass the ball to Kakate but he puts too much power to the ball and it goes out.
36m20s SUBSTITUTION: George Suri is replaced by Gideon Omokirio for Koloale. The Koloale coach appears to be trying to patch up the backline which has already suffered to goals. Solomon Warriors has not yet made a substitution.
37m49s GOAL: Solomon Warriors 2 – Koloale 1 Totori gets Koloale’s first goal of the game after a well worked movement from deep in their own half. The final pass came from substitute Lency Saeni. It was a slip up by the Solomon Warriors defence line that allowed Koloale to move the ball freely in their half.
42m43s The momentum is going Koloale’s way after their first goal and Solomon Warriors are under pressure in their own half. Totori is proving to be more of a handful than in the first leg.
43m22s Totori drives in with a run past 2 Solomon Warriors defenders but his last touch was too much and the ball goes out for a goal kick.
45m0s Additional time of 3 minutes is indicated by the fourth official.
45 + 1m30s Nawo picks a pass from Fa’arodo Jnr. and moves to the Solomon Warriors penalty box before shooting but Huia is able to control the ball.
The first half ends.
The second half starts.
45m50s There is a more proactive showing from Koloale in the opening minute of the second half. They are trying to equalise early and Solomon Warriors need to hold on to their lead.
47m20s A moment of controversy arises when Henry Fa’arodo is yellow carded for diving in the box. The tackle was from Aengari (Hadisi) and it looked like a penalty was going to be awarded but the referee decided otherwise. The Koloale players and bench are not happy with the decision.
52m21s Koloale move with Nawo on the line and he beats Kwanae for the cross but Brian Feni supports with a clearance
53m0s Play is stopped for Maemae to be treated. He is eventually removed from the field for further medical attention.
54m34s SUBSTITUTION: Alick Maemae is replaced by Peter Taloga for Solomon Warriors.
57m35s Another counter attack is setup by Solomon Warriors from the goalkick. Billy takes the goalkick and passes to Ifunaoa who races into the penalty box and tries to pass back to his teammate but Takayama is there to clear the ball away.
58m49s Ifunaoa receives a throw-in on the far side and runs into the Koloale penalty box for a shot but he finds the side netting. Koloale are still dominating the attack against Solomon Warriors.
59m55s GOAL: Solomon Warriors 2 – Koloale 2 Koloale’s hard work pays off when Fa’arodo Jnr. sets Nawo on the far side for the shot and he makes sure the ball finds the back of the net by timing the goalkeeper’s movement before hammering the ball home.
61m23s Billy almost puts Solomon Warriors back in front when he receives a long pass from his defenders and he turns towards goal in a one on one situation but his shot was well read by Ramoni and the score remains 2-all.
63m43s GOAL: Solomon Warriors 2 – Koloale 3 A stunning goal is scored by Koloale from the boot of Fa’arodo Jnr. The shot was taken from 30 yards out and it was dipping as it went towards goal making it difficult for the goalkeeper to judge its trajectory. Koloale are now leading for the first time in the game.
68m28s Both sides are starting to make rush decisions as the pressure of the game goes up. Support from the stands is also going up in volume as the Koloale supporters gather confidence.
69m48s SUBSTITUTION: Willie Daudau is replaced by Jamie Molea for Solomon Warriors.
73m27s Koloale are now resorting to making long clearances out of their area, a key indicator that they are now happy to defend their lead because they are in a safe position already.
74m28s Koloale goalkeeper is brought down by Kakate and he requires medical attention. Play is stopped once again.
75m12s Play resumes from the freekick to Ramoni. Kolole bring the ball forward to the far side but strong defending forces Fa’arodo Jnr. to make a poor pass and the ball goes out for a goal kick.
80m21s A chance for Koloale to put the game out of reach is wasted as Saeni hammers the ball wide despite having no marker with him and he had only the goalkeeper to beat
81m13s Bata Furai and Jamie Molea combine for an attack on the lines and they win a corner kick for their efforts. The corner kick is taken by Gagame Jnr. and Furai goes for the header but could not connect well enough.
82m37s Ramoni is on the ground after a tackle from Billy.
83m23s EXPULSION: Kidstone Billy is given the red card after receiving his second yellow card from his tackle from on Ramoni.
84m11s SUBSTITUTION: Ian Paia is replaced by Steve Anisi for Koloale.
84m56s SUBSTITUTION: Dennis Ifunaoa is replaced by Casper Aengari for Solomon Warriors.
85m0s Solomon Warriors are making some rearrangements in their formation to compensate for Billy’s exit.
88m0s About 2 minutes left on the clock. Koloale are still leading by 3 – 2 but they are still looking for more goals as they pressure on far side. Welshman Houkaraua makes sure the cross does not happen with a heavy but well controlled tackle on Fa’arodo Jnr.
90m0s Additional time of 4 minutes is indicated by the fourth official.
90 + 1m Koloale are dropping back and defending as they try
90m + 3m EXPULSION: George Kwanae is given the red card after an incident of the ball.
The end of the game is signalled by the referees.

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