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KOSSA 3 – Malaita Kingz 3

The Malaita Kingz striker latched onto a through pass behind the KOSSA defenders before shooting for goal and beating KOSSA goalkeeper, Severino Aefi. The first assistant referee had his flag up and the referee actually signalled for offside but later overturned his decision in favour of a goal ruling instead that the injured KOSSA player on the pitch had put Irobina on side.
Earlier in the match Malaita Kingz were on the receiving end in the first half when what appeared to be a foul inside the KOSSA penalty box was reversed into a free kick by the referee. This was after he had originally pointed to the penalty spot.
The controversy aside the match was marginal as both sides were out to win and blows were exchanged fairly even though Malaita Kingz looked more purposeful in the opening stages of the first half. It was clear from the outset that their plan was to score early and use their strong backline to hold KOSSA off for the rest of the match.
It took KOSSA a while to settle down and a lucky goal was just the cue for them to take control of the match. A sustained period of attack on the KOSSA goal resulted in a loss of concentration at the back for Malaita Kingz and Phillip Ashley pounced at the opportunity for his team’s first of the match when cut off a loose pass before shooting from 20 yards out. The confidence in the KOSSA side went up and minutes after the restart Harrison Mala scored their second goal.
Past the fifty minute mark Malaita Kingz started regaining some confidence in the match as Jack Jethro livened their attack with some strong running on the right line backed by some boisterous vocal support from the fans. The pressure soon resulted in a goal when Johnstee Kusilifu’s cross was headed in by Henry Temewale. Thirteen minutes later the scores fell even when Hudson Kusilifu’s long range shot sailed past Aefi and into the net.
With their grip on the match slipping KOSSA needed something special to reassert their authority and that came in 81st minute from midfielder Willie Riqeo. Riqeo ran free from his marker in the centre and as soon as the ball got to him he turned for goal before letting loose a stunner at a tight angle. The goalkeeper tried to cover the trajectory of the shot but slipped and the ball went in.
It seemed that KOSSA’s third goal was the final say of the match but then along came the Irobina strike that got tongues wagging long after the match had ended. His effort almost mirrored Riqeo’s earlier but the circumstances surrounding it could not have been more different. However, the goal was upheld and the match ended 3-all.
KOSSA team manager and stand-in coach for the match, Fred Osifelo, was extremely disappointed with the decision and said that his team will be sending in a formal complaint to the Telekom S-League management.
“We felt that we were robbed off our 3 points by a dubious decision. However, this is football and we have to accept the referee’s decision no matter how unhappy we are with it but we reserve the right to make a complaint on the matter to responsible authorities,” Osifelo said.
Despite his woes over the controversial decision Osifelo commended his players for their effort and said that they are building strength with each game.
“Overall I am happy with how the players played, they were able to stick to our game plan and this is what we want to happen. If we continue with this level of determination we will get the type of results that we want,” Osifelo said.
Malaita Kingz’s single point gain from the match puts them in second position in the Telekom S-League ladder.
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Scroll down for the play-by-play summary.
0’ Kickoff.
4’ Jack Jethro wins a free kick for Malaita Kingz just over the halfway line. Hudson Kusilifu tries to send a cross to his teammates in the box but Severino Aefi cuts out the ball before it could reach its target.
10’ Malaita Kingz win their second free kick. Kusilifu (Hudson) takes the kick but it misses all the players in the box but his younger brother, Johnstee, is there to recover but the final shot misses the target all together.
19’ Harrison Mala goes for goal from distance but his shot goes wide.
21’ Charles Irobina gets to a Jethro cross but his shot bounces off the post and Aefi recovers to clear the ball away.
31’ Jethro shoots from distance but Aefi makes a good save.
33’ GOAL KOSSA 1 – Malaita Kingz 0: Phillip Ashley snaps up a loose pass between the Malaita Kingz defenders and scores the opening goal. His shot was taken 20 yards out but it had the strength to beat the goalkeeper who rushing out to narrow the angle.
39’ Henry Temewale tries his luck from distance and finds the target but Aefi’s safe pair of hands are there to deny him.
45’ 1 minute of stoppage time is added.
The first half ends.
The second half starts.
46’ David Ramosaea is fouled and KOSSA have a set-piece opportunity from 20 yards out. The eventual shot is no good and goes wide off the mark.
47’ Temewale chases a high pass into the KOSSA penalty box and he gets to it but his attempt on goal misses the target.
48’ Jethro sets Irobina another opportunity in the KOSSA penalty box but the striker sends his attempt wide.
49’ GOAL KOSSA 2 – Malaita Kingz 0: A counter-attack sees KOSSA extend their lead to 2 nil after Harrison Mala finds the back of the net with a powerful shot from close range.
51’ Substitution: Scott Puairana is replaced by Steve Rongosulia for KOSSA.
53’ GOAL KOSSA 2 – Malaita Kingz 1: Henry Temewale’s header puts Malaita Kingz back in contention. The cross came from Kusilifu (Johnstee).
66’ GOAL KOSSA 2 – Malaita Kingz 2: Hudson Kusilifu puts Malaita Kingz level with a long range shot.
69’ Johnson Wanefai shoots from distance but the best he got was a corner kick. The corner kick is not utilised in the box and Malaita Kingz recover for a goal kick.
73’ Substitution: Franco Ne’e comes in to replace David Ramosaea for KOSSA.
78’ A deflection floats back into the path of Temewale who heads for goal but Aefi taps the ball away.
80’ Substitution: Ralph Kera comes in to replace Alwyn Danitofea.
81’ GOAL KOSSA 3 – Malaita Kingz 2: KOSSA are back in front after an individual goal from Willie Riqeo gets them their third goal of the match.
88’ GOAL KOSSA 3 – Malaita Kingz 3: A goal is awarded controversially to Malaita Kingz after Irobina’s shot found its way into the net. The linesman signalled for offside but the referee overruled and awarded the goal to Malaita Kingz.
89’ Substitution: George Ladusu replaces Sammy Willie for Malaita Kingz.
90’ 2 minutes of stoppage time will be played.
The referee ends the match.

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