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Western United 4 – Real Kakamora 2

Western United were questionable the previous week after they managed only a narrow 2 – 1 win over Marist Fire but this week there was more purpose to the team. Real Kakamora were also picking up speed and there was a real danger of the game going their way until the final whistle caught up with them.
Lenson Bisili put Western United in front after shaky efforts from Himson Teleda and Mostyn Sanga early on failed to find target. Eight (8) minutes later and Western United were 2-nil in front, this time Teleda scored after he dribbled past a defender and slotted the ball under Dida Qwaina.
With a healthy lead their Western United were the picture of composure as they played the entirety of the pitch with a combination of long and short passes. The fight, however, started coming from Real Kakamora after the 20th minute mark and the certainty in Western United’s game disappeared and mistakes started to creep in. Twice in the first half defensive errors provided the opportunity to their opponents to score but somehow they kept their lead intact.
The second half was a different story as the match became more level. Real Kakamora overcame a lot of the defensive errors that plagued them in the first half and their midfielders were also more daring. Their coach had definitely pointed out the frailty posed by the injured Michael Boso during their halftime talk and their attack suddenly took an arrow form through the centre of the Western Unite backline.
However, it was Western United who got on the scoreboard again with Moffat Kilifa turning an individual run from the sidelines into a goal courtesy of good support running from John Anita who draw away 2 defenders on the right. This took the scoreline to 3-0 in favour of United and leaving Real Kakamora with more hard work to do.
But already Real Kakamora had built up a good momentum and the result was a goal for them in the 71st minute. Nicholas Muri headed in the corner kick with good power and Felix Ray Jnr. was unable to catch up with the ball.
Instead of sparking something positive in their game the goal actually caused the Real Kakamora players to lose concentration and Western United were back with a 3 goal advantage when they scored right at the restart. Kilifa was again the goal scorer but that was not the final act of the game as Real Kakamora continued with the push for goals. Several missed opportunities came about before Johan Doiwale scored their second goal to bring the scoreline to a respectable 4-2.
As the final whistle drew nearer there was obvious frustration coming some from the Western United players who approached the referee about the length of the game. However, referee Gerald Oiaka made sure that every second lost was played before he blew the final whistle to confirm Western United’s victory.

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