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New water tanks for SIFF academy

The water tanks are expected to service the academy facilities as standby water tanks especially to alleviate the current unstable supply of water experienced in the Ranadi area.
SIFF General Secretary Eddie Ngava, explained that the SIFF academy is now housing 20 LEARN&play students and the continuous water supply problems has forced SIFF to purchase the water tanks to ensure the wellbeing of the students is maintained.
Additionally, it is hoped that the water tanks will help in the reduction of the monthly water bill.
“This development is about saving money and also about meeting the basic necessities of the people who are using the SIFF academy. Players and technical people will have access to rain water from these 2 tanks for drinking,” Ngava said.
Ngava thanked the suppliers Lee Kwok Kuen for offering SIFF a discount for the purchase of the water tanks.
“Football today is built around partnerships and SIFF is appreciative that a major business like Lee Kwok Kuen is able to assist with the development of football,” Ngava said.
Earlier this year a fence was installed between the academy football field and the office complex. This was part of the preparations of the complex to be used as a competition venue for major national competitions.
The fence has already proven its worth with the reduction in the incidences of wayward balls flying in from the football field and breaking louver glass in the office building.
The SIFF academy kitchen also received a facelift in June with the installation of kitchen cupboards and other fixtures.
Other SIFF facility development projects are continuing in Malaita and Western Province at the Aligegeo and John F. Kennedy football fields respectively.

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