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Ragomo scoops national award

The captain of the national futsal team, Kurukuru, took home the 2010 Solomon Islands National Sportsman of the Year Award. This is the first time for the awards to be held so Ragomo also goes down in history as the first person to win the award.
The Sportsman of the Year Award will join the 20 year old’s already burgeoning trophy case. In 2009, Ragomo was awarded the Young Solomon Islander of the year besides the Alfateh Intercontinental Championship golden boot award which he won in Libya. He has also won 2 Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) futsal championship player of the tournament awards and 2 golden boot awards.
In receiving the sportsman of the year award Ragomo said that he did not expect to win and was surprised when he heard his name announced.
“I feel very honoured and privileged to win this award. Never in my life did I dream of or expected to receive such an award and I am humbled so much by this. I thank the government for recognising the efforts of us sports people,” Ragomo says.
“I want to thank SIFF (Solomon Islands Football Federation) and my family for supporting me in my career. I also want to thank my Kurukuru teammates, without them I would never reach this level,” Ragomo said.
Asked what the award meant for him personally, Ragomo replied that it is a milestone that will encourage him to be an even better futsal player both for himself and for the country.
“This award has given me extra motivation and encouragement. I will work harder and I know my Kurukuru teammates will also do the same as we prepare for the world cup. I feel that I need to work extra hard to prove to the country why I received this award,” Ragomo said.
“For other young people my message is for them to overcome their challenges and strive towards their dream. Despite the limitations that our country is faced with in terms of sporting facilities we should never give up on our passion,” Ragomo said in sharing some advice to other young people in Solomon Islands.
The Kurukuru captain sent his dedications for the award to William Clarke College where studied for a year under a futsal scholarship in 2007 and the Dural Baptist Church Leisure Centre in Sydney where his talent for futsal was first highlighted.
“I dedicate this award to William Clarke College and the Dural Baptist Church. Without the support they gave in my early years I don’t know where I would have ended up. Thank you for directing me in this path,” Ragomo said.
Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) general secretary, Eddie Ngava, congratulated Ragomo saying that he deserves to win because he is an exemplary sports person and an inspiration to other young people.
“This young man has consistently displayed to the country and the rest of the world his passion and drive for the game of futsal. He is the best futsal player in Oceania and this year he captained Solomon Islands to its second futsal world cup and he, without a doubt, deserves this award. I congratulate him and wish him more years of success in his career,” Ngava says.
Ragomo’s Kurukuru teammates joined their captain in picking up awards from the government for their victory at the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) 2010 and 2011 futsal championships on the same night.
Elliot Ragomo has become a name that is synonymous with futsal in Solomon Islands since he returned from Spain in 2008. The same year he was instrumental in bringing Solomon Islands to its first ever futsal world cup at the 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup finals in Brazil. From there Ragomo has not looked back and set for himself the goal of taking Solomon Islands to the centre stage once again. This he achieved at much personal sacrifice in May when he led Solomon Islands to win the 2011 Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Futsal Championship. In February, Ragomo quit his studies to focus on training for the OFC Futsal Championship. He also turned down an offer to play professional futsal in Australia and opportunity to play for Hekari United in the 2010/11 O-League.
In 2007, Ragomo became the first Solomon Islander to play in a professional futsal league when he featured for Playas de Castellion in the Spanish national futsal league. His record as an international star was confirmed when he featured for New South Wales Thunder at the Asian Futsal Championship alongside Jack Wetney earlier this year.

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