Angel: We have a good team

Solomon Islands futsal assistant coach Angel Chamorro is pleased with the attacking pace the junior Kurukuru side displayed against Iran in their debut at the Youth Olympic Games on Monday.

The Paraguayan who arrived in Argentina on Saturday night didn’t have any idea of how the team plays and he was impressed with what he witnessed in the game against the Asian champions.

“Solomon has a good team, they are fit and have the speed”, the South American futsal coach said.

“The boys just have to take advantage of what we have, fine tune it so we can have good finishing in attacking.”

The statistics show that Solomon Islands shared similar number of shots on goal but the goals were the major difference between the two teams.

Playing at the highest level means defending hard an area the South American identified as where the junior Kurukuru needs improvement.

“The boys need to work on their defense and utilized the speed they have in quick counter with less touch, no dribbling to score goals”, Chamorro added.

Team manager Nacaneili Seru reported that the young lads have a full session with the South American yesterday.

“Today (Tuesday) the boys enjoyed a wonderful session with the Paraguan coach that works on the boys defence, transition and quick counter.

“We are looking foward for our game tomorrow against Costa Rica”, Seru said.

Seru shared the same sentiments uttered by coach Stanley Puairana after the defeat to Iran.

“We lost our first game to Iran 2-9, it was not easy to play against champion of Asia.

“But I’m proud of my boys with their performance give the situation that we came through, Australian, visa’s one week camp in Argentina cancelled.”

Solomon Islands will take on Costa Rica tomorrow morning at 8am SI local time.

The Central Americans lose their opening match 6-1 against Russia and like the Solomon Islands, they will be aiming for their first victory at the games.

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